We are looking for individuals like YOU who are interested in developing or enhancing your visual art skills.  Learn from experienced, professional visual arts artists who will mentor and work with you in developing your skills.  The cost to join this opportunity is FREE. 

Are You Ready to be Mentored?

1. Be between the ages of 14-25

2. If you can answer yes to the following questions, you are ready to begin learning more about being a successful mentee.

  • I except full responsibility for my career goals and would benefit from guidance in creating a plan for my development.
  • I am prepared to listen, but I understand that I am also expected to contribute to the relationship by sharing my ideas.
  • I will accept constructive feedback and take the risk of exploring new ideas and approaches suggested by my mentor.
  • My expectations for my mentoring relationships are well-thought out and realistic.
  • I am busy, but I am ready to make a commitment to my future by communicating effectively with my mentor.
  • I will remember that in order to succeed I must fail so that I will know what not to do next time

3. Qualities of a Successful Mentee 

  • Quality: Personal commitment to be involved with another person for an extended time. The mentee has to want to be a full partner in the mentoring connection and be invested, over the long haul, to be there long enough to realize a difference. To that end, they prepare and do the appropriate "homework" for meetings with their mentor. They work to gain the skills, knowledge, and abilities to grow.

  • Quality: Flexibility. Successful mentees recognize that relationships take time to develop and that communication is a two-way street. They're flexible, listen to their mentor, and consider new options. They take initiative, seeking the mentor's advice when needed. And they focus on the goal, not getting lost in the process.

  • Quality: Ability to recognize that mentoring is only ONE development tool. Mentors can save you time plus inspire, teach, and encourage you. They can be excellent role models for what you want to do and become. At the same time, you can also learn from many other sources. By recognizing that you can benefit from a variety of sources, perspectives and styles – even those quite different from your own – you will open yourself up to new ideas, valuable information, and a wide range of viewpoints. Consider one or more mentors as part of your overall personal development strategy.

  •  Quality: Openness. The mentee has to know and be able to discuss their needs and objectives with their mentor. This means that he or she has to look inside themselves to identify areas that may need work and share them with the mentor.

  • Quality: Ability to listen and to accept different points of view. The mentee needs to be able to receive feedback and look at the situation from the mentor's perspective to gain a more objective viewpoint. One of the biggest values of the mentoring connection is the ability to have a more experienced person's viewpoint. The mentee has to be willing to try new things, to consider different ways of "getting there from here."

Please complete the application to be considered for the program.

Mentee Application